Thank God it’s Friday | March 8

New Kids on the Block

Dear Readers!

Over the course of the past few months, SC Exhibitions’ home country Germany has received more than one million new inhabitants. Last summer, my family and I became friends with a young family from Syria, after they came to Bayreuth. We now dedicate a few hours every week to helping them practice German. I’m also active in a political workgroup discussing immigration and integration, and many colleagues and friends volunteer in this area.

As an exhibition producer, we’re always happy to learn about new exhibitions; so it’s my pleasure to draw your attention to a little show that opened earlier this week here in Bayreuth: a group of school learners from the “Gymnasium Christian-Ernestinum” (the name of the school) teamed up with our local newspaper “Nordbayerischer Kurier” to interview and photograph 12 of our “new kids on the block.” The result is a series of photos and interviews, bringing the circumstances of their journey to Germany closer to us Germans. For me, this is the most important exhibition this spring, because it doesn’t follow the tiring cacophony of our political and media landscape: we just see 12 humans and their stories.

The newspaper created an online version of the show, which you can visit by following this link:

The texts provided are in German (sorry, dear international readers), but even if German is not your language, take a minute to glance through the photos.

Looking into the faces of these new citizens, I wonder what kind of exhibitions they want to see in the future, or what kind of concerts they’d like to attend, or what kind of movies they would enjoy? One million or so new people can translate into millions of exhibition, concert, cinema … tickets. I think I’ll make some phone calls to the agents of superstars and super-exhibitions from the Middle East!

If you make it to Bayreuth this summer, see me for a coffee, and we can visit the school exhibition, which runs until October in the lobby.

Great job, dear “Gymnasium Christian-Ernestinum” and dear “Nordbayerischer Kurier”!


Best wishes and until next time,

Christoph Scholz


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